21 SEPT 2019 | RIVER VALLEY STUDIO | 8:00aM - 9:00aM | WITH PAUL

A charity class in aid of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund


This SmartFlow inspired class is designed to help you pay attention to your posture so that you can observe your spine as you flow from one movement to the next. Remember our spine house and protects our spinal cord, soft inner organs and glands so we are really a healthy as our spine is. Hence it is vital to maintain spinal health through the understanding of core strength and stabilisation when we are on and off the mat. The class will show you how to observe your current habits and learn movement principles to balance the spine. May our practice of physical stability bring us closer to inner stability.

This special community class is a charity class. Donate as you wish. Show your spine and the less privileged in our community the care they need.


More about Paul

“Growing up as a rather sedentary person, l only started exercising actively when I enlisted

for national service. My first yoga class was in the gym taught by a visiting Sivananda yoga

instructor and I was instantly hooked. The class was both physical and yet reflective, a

perfect balance of strength and grace. Something in me shifted and I knew I needed to start

moving differently! This mystery of the self and the moving body drew me deeper.

Ashtanga yoga was my introduction to the world of yoga when I started my practicing in


After becoming a certified aerobics instructor in 2003, I obtained my first yoga teacher

certification in 2004 with Yoga Arts (Australia). I have also studied with renowned teachers

like David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Paul Grilley, Ann Barros, Martin Kirk and most recently with

Annie Carpenter in 2014. I am now teaching Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW inspired classes

and celebrates the innate intelligence of juicy, flowing movement through yoga. Balance,

stability and deep listening are core concepts in my teachings. Coupled with my extensive

training from the fitness industry, Thai massage and deep interest in human anatomy,

expect rigor and fun in my vinyasa and restorative yoga classes.

By day I am an art and design educator at local tertiary institutions. Teaching and learning is

an extension of my creative pursuits whether in the classroom or in the yoga studio. I see

the arts and yoga as mutually complimentary practices to better understand ourselves and

the world out there. So join me on the mat!”

— Paul Wang