Partners Yin Crime

Date: 1 Dec, Saturday | Location: HV studio | Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Members: 2-classes from active package | Non-members: $60


Yin + Restoration, Reiki + Sound

Take your senses on a holiday as you immerse yourself in an evening of restful healing with Marilyn and Stephanie.

Deeply passionate about the softer side of yoga, this duo aims to share their practice to offer peace and stillness as a balance to the business of the outside world. Experience a sound bath with the healing tones of singing and crystal bowls, while soaking up the restorative benefits of aromatherapy. As trained Reiki practitioners, Marilyn and Stephanie will be integrating this non-invasive energy healing technique within the grounding and calming sequence.

Feel a shift in your energy and wellbeing after the 2.5h session, as we contemplate over chocolates and cacao tea to round up the night. Partners yin crime - take a vacation for your body and soul without your passport.

About Steph

Deeply curious about the truths of life and how she can serve, Stephanie found her purpose in sharing her yoga practice as a means to support others in learning to trust themselves, to find courage and the quiet strength from within. Yoga for her is therapy for the soul, as she experiences shifts in perspectives during the quiet practice, equipping her to take on the personal challenges she faces. As a lifelong student on yoga, Stephanie continues to learn and develop her offerings as a teacher who holds space for students to discover their truths.

In a disembodied world at risk of losing its soul, there can be no more crucial task than reclaiming the sensual mystery of our bodily selves. This evening of deep inner work allows for your body and mind to take rest, and your senses to be pleasured. Marilyn truly gets my love for this side of yoga and this is why I know that Partners Yin Crime will be one deeply inspiring experience.

About Marilyn

Marilyn initially started doing yoga as a way to keep fit. It was only after she took a yoga teacher training course that it became a passion. During teacher training, she discovered yoga was more than just exercise. It had the power to touch and heal the heart and mind as well. Having witnessed how yoga transforms lives, teaching became her way of giving back to the society. Her typical yoga classes are spontaneous, with emphasis on a safe and mindful practice and lots of laughter! While she loves to sweat it out in a good vinyasa class, Marilyn is partial towards a slower, more grounding yoga practice that focuses on release and relaxation. Marilyn's yin & restorative classes are a multi-sensory experience, aiming to get her students to relax and let go what does not serve them.

When I was working in public healthcare, one of the things that really struck me was the need for self-care for better health. We work relentlessly in a world that constantly demands for more, we forget about taking care of ourselves. The yin practice is about doing less, and it is one way to take care of yourself! I am lucky to have found a kindred spirit in Stephanie and we are looking forward to taking everyone on a journey to unwind and recharge.

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Kitchen Party at lululemon Duxton

After the incredible housewarming party last week supported by ClassPass, we have heard that you
want more. The next exciting experience we have up our sleeves is created in collaboration with 
lululemon duxton, our best friends at duxton road. Together, we have prepared massages,
three uniquely-curated classes, and not to mention, special treats in the store just for the day!


WHERE: 79 duxton road

WHEN: 8 December, Saturday

TIME: 10:30AM - 6PM

  1. 11:30 - 12:30 | Hip Hop Yoga with Aly

  2. 2:00 - 3:00 | Freedom Blaze with Elvina

  3. 4:00 - 5:00 | SoulFlow with Princess

RSVP here:

There may be limited mats, but there sure are enough surprises to go around. Receive an invigorating massage
from 1-3pm by Pepperminted, and stock up on yoga pants for the new year! 

See you there!