River Valley Grand Opening

River Valley studio | 17-18 August | 2 class credits or $50 per class

Continue your #Journeyto407RV as we take it to the mat. This unprecedented weekend, we have prepared for you a yoga party to remember. Find your flow with our eclectic mix of teachers and distinct experiences.


17 August

Inside Flow double class with princess | 12:00pm - 2:00pm

For the passionate yogis who love Inside Flow, this one’s pulsing for you! Join Princess in this special and unprecedented double song flow. Immerse yourself in the beat and let the music bring your body, mind, heart and breath as one - in this special class.


Journey to the Yinside with Aly, Elaine & Kenrick | 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Traverse into the depths of your body with this holistic blend of Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. This gentle and healing class is focused on tension release, mobility work and passive stretching to bringing the body and mind back to the state of balance. Closing off with 40 restful minutes of yogic sleep, find yourself in the deepest possible realms of relaxation during and after the practice.


18 August

flow with strength: Animal movement with Shao hao, shao jie & wei ren | 10:00am - 12:00pm

Led by Freedom Yoga's three gentlemen on the mat, be challenged through a series of unconventional flow sequences and movements that will introduce an element of fun and creativity into your practice. Channel your inner spirit animal!


Funk up your flow with Lin, Pam & Rachel | 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Learn the art of self-trust, courage and inner strength in this safe and loving community. Guided by Freedom Yoga’s three powerhouses, this class is aimed at helping you take flight in your practice. Begin with intuitive movement, layered with arm balances and inversions, topping off with a power flow sequence in this playful and creative flow.


Blaze the trail with elvina & pei en | 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Push beyond your boundaries and turn up the heat with this special sequence where our signature Freedom Blaze gets workshopped with by our anatomy engineer. Move and blaze to the rhythm and beat, let us take you to a climatic peak (pose) and finishing off nice with a sweet flow rounding it all up.


Refreshments will be served after classes.

Email hello@freedomyoga.sg to book your mat!


A backbend workshop with Elvina and Rachel

24 August 2019, Saturday | 3:00pm - 5:30pm | River Valley studio

2-class credits / $55 | Open level


Backbends can be seemingly daunting and physically challenging to many, but when done right, they are an amazing way to restore balance and ensure a supple healthy spine in your skeletal system. Think of them as heart openers which are incredibility invigorating and energising to your mind and body. Backbends are also healing as they liberate you from stiffness in your postures and alleviate you from pain in the back and neck

Join Elvina and Rachel who will lead you through a series of carefully designed sequences to open up your shoulders, back and hips. This workshop uses a progressive approach to explore fundamentals of backbends and right techniques to enter and exit the poses safely. It aims to make backbends accessible for all levels and hope to change your perspective

What to expect:

- Learn how to ease yourself into heart opening asanas as we use props generously (blocks, straps and wall)

- Work on poses to lengthen your spine, stretch your hips and increase mobility in your shoulders

- Strengthen supporting muscles to balance strength and flexibility

- Warm down with counterposes and yummy extended stretches

This multi-level workshop is ideal for both beginners and for regular practitioners looking to deepen their backbends practice.

Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart!

What you’ll be doing:

First 30 min: Warm up shoulders, back and hip flexors + quick anatomy of the back

Next 30 min: The art of flip grip (using strap) focus is shoulders and lower back, where we work towards one legged king Pigeon and Low lunge back leg

Next 30 min: The art of heart openers (using blocks) focus is in opening upper back such as heart melting pose, knees chest Chin, baby cobra. Also work on strengthening quads and glutes muscles,

Next 30 min: Camel prep (using the wall) and partner work for drop-back to king Pigeon variation; leave 15 min to do 1-1 help, individual exploration

Last 30 min: Warm down with counter poses like twists, child’s pose, rabbit pose. End with extended savasana