A 108-class Challenge with rewards along the way and an amazing first prize!

The number 108 holds a special place in yoga—to yogis it signifies completion, wholeness and coming full circle.

From 1 June to 31 July, we invite you to challenge yourself to any 108 classes (4 Wheel of Life challenge cards x 27 classes). Let this challenge help you increase your focus, deepen your commitment, build your resilience, and strengthen your discipline.

As way of rewarding and motivating you, we’ll gift you 3 complimentary classes for every challenge card you complete!

Bonus: Each card will give you one chance to win a spot at our October 4D3N yoga retreat led by our founder, Elvina, at luxurious 5-star resort, Rosewood Phuket worth $3,200!

When you complete the Wheel of Life challenge (108 classes), instead of 4 chances, you’ll have 8 chances to win this grand prize!

Terms & Conditions

  • Get a stamp after each class from 1 June - 31 Aug!

  • Complete 27 classes and you’ll receive 3 complimentary classes and get 1 chance to win a paid* trip to our yoga retreat at Rosewood Phuket.

  • Each subsequent card completed gives you an additional 3 complimentary classes and 1 additional chance to win the Rosewood draw.

  • Complete 4 cards and you qualify for 8 chances at winning the Rosewood retreat prize!

  • Each individual is entitled to up to 8 chances for the draw.

  • Complimentary classes cannot be used for this challenge.

*The retreat package and flight for one.