Freedom to us is complete liberation of the mind and body. We want every single one of our members to leave class feeling elevated, energized and ready to take on the world.


BASICs (hot/non-hot) 

This hatha class is perfect for anyone looking to establish a proper foundation for a budding yoga practice, with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability. Students can expect to hold static poses in this alignment focused class. Suitable for beginners with no prior experience. 

*Hot class temperatures range from 38-43 degree celcius. Hot classes are also not suitable for expectant mothers.


Freedom Blaze

Flow, pulse, crunch and lunge to killer beats in this hybrid class sequenced with traditional yoga poses and HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) exercises. Expect to challenge your mind and body as you increase strength and enhance flexibility in this total body workout. Suitable for practitioners with a basic to intermediate level of physical practice.


POWER UP (hot/non-hot)
POWER UP 75 (75min)

This hatha based class allows you to deepen your physical yoga practice through peak pose sequencing and alignment. Through peak pose sequencing, students can expect their bodies to be prepared pragmatically and logically for more challenging poses. Move beyond your comfort levels through an invigorating sequence designed to gain strength, stamina and flexibility. Inversions and arm balances may be included. 

*Hot class temperatures range from 38-43 degree celcius. Hot classes are also not suitable for expectant mothers.


Power Flow: 

For yogis curious about arm balances and inversions—we invite you to take your practice to the next level in this peak transition focused class. Students can expect the incorporation of inversions or arm balances into a flow in this hatha-vinyasa class. Class will be conducted workshop style with prop work when necessary. Suitable for practitioners with a consistent yoga practice. 


This specialised yoga class focuses on the practice of inversions with emphasis on headstand, handstand and forearm stand, with special attention being paid to safety and alignment. Students can expect strengthening and stabilising exercises in preparation of exploring seeing the world upside down. The class is structured in a way that builds necessary strength and stability to take on inverted poses and their variations. 

Suitable for students with a consistent yoga practice. 



Unwind and restore with this soothing and introspective blend of movement and stillness. Illuminated with the soft glow of candlelight, students can expect class to start with a gentle flow before seamlessly transiting into passive yin poses. Allow the nervous system to reset and expect to leave feeling nourished and grounded. Suitable for all levels of practice. 


Universal® Yoga is a holistic practice that unifies modern western science with all traditional methods and disciplines in yoga, and seeks to guide practitioners along the path of true balance on and off the mat. 

Elements are carefully sequenced in a symmetrical and progressive manner, based on a combination of scientific methodologies of warming up, alternating between dynamic and static asanas, incorporating balance between strength and flexibility of each joint in all directions of mobilities while moving in multi-dimensional spaces, allowing practitioners to reach a final state of balance and serenity at the end of each class. 

This is a 2hr practice, and arrangement of mats in this class is cross-shaped. Students attending this class is recommended to have at least 6 months of regular practice. 

Note: This class requires 2-class credits.


In this vinyasa based class, students can expect to flow from pose to pose in this intelligently sequenced class. Poses are held for short periods of time, with less alignment cues as movement synchronises with the breath. We recommend students to have a basic level of yoga practice as Freedom Flow classes are dynamic and fast paced. 

*Hot class temperatures range from 38-43 degree celcius. Hot classes are also not suitable for expectant mothers.


inside FLOW

Music being the driving force behind this Vinyasa based class, students can expect to flow from one posture to another in a choreographed sequence to the beat of any chosen song. Allow yourself to get lost in the music in this moving meditation as you flow with strength, grace and awareness in this soulful and heartwarming practice. Suitable for students with a basic understanding of yoga poses. 


TIME OUT (YIN)/time out (75min)

Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments and fascia. You will be on the ground most of the time, using props and myofascial release balls to open the joints and fascia. This class will complement your active (yang) workouts and release areas in need of stretching. No prior yoga experience required. 


BREATHE (Meditation):

In a world where we are busy doing and having, this class encourages us to be human beings. We start the class with movements to warm up the spine before settling for a guided meditation. The goal is to cultivate the skills of witnessing internally so that we can develop our capacity to restore our minds and bodies from their constant fight-or-flight reaction mode. Through focusing on the breath, we take this opportunity to nourish our mind, body and soul. This is a meditative practice and no prior yoga experience required.


restore/restore (75min)

This deeply relaxing class focuses on stimulating the parasympathetic system with the intention of calming the body and the mind. Students can expect a short series of poses that are held for long periods of time with the support of multiple props to achieve a quiet state of mind to enter a state of conscious rest. 

No prior yoga experience required. 



In this hatha-flow class, transition from pose to pose fluidly in a set sequence with clear and specific alignment instructions. Accessible, yet challenging, each class is themed with a “word of the day” and a matching playlist. Suitable for all levels of practice. 

Yin & Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is often referred to as "yogic sleep". It is a systematic method of inducing complete relaxation in the physical body, mental space and emotional plane. The entire practice is done lying down. The practitioner will be guided through a five-stage process that begins with a body scan to engage one's physicality, breath awareness, the balancing of emotional states, visualization, and self-healing. Setting a positive intention is another important step and this gives the participant a specific purpose to the session.

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