Learning to Fly Solo

with Pei En

25 May – 3 August (Saturdays) |Cecil Street studio | 2:00pm – 5:00pm


Spark your own self-practice. Build a practice that’s catered only to you—your needs, your interests,
your body—anywhere, anytime.


Join Pei En as she takes you through this 10-week programme covering all the essential building blocks for you to build a mindful and educated self-practice. In the course of the programme, Pei En will guide you through Sequencing strategies, the hows and the whats of anatomy, the different pose categories (arm balances, inversions, backbends, etc.).

“For practitioners who don't know where to start and what to do, sequencing strategies and basic functional anatomy will be shared. Guidance and tips will be provided for practitioners who are starting to sequence for their own practice. For practitioners who find it hard to find time or get in the mood for self-practice, a safe practice space will be provided for them to take to the mat for themselves. It will take 10 weeks to help people who are starting out to form a habit of self-practice and to hone their intuition on the mat.” — Pei En

Why this 10-week programme is beneficial for anyone who wants to deepen their practice:

Classes are often structured to cater to the needs and depth of practice of everyone in that particular class. If, for instance, there is a particular different pose categories or specific body part you wish to work on, it might be a little tricky. To continue your practice outside of a classroom is the solve you’re looking for. But to do so effectively and safely, you need the basic know-hows.

At the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll be fully equipped to practice effectively and safely wherever, whenever.

Note: This is a small group programme with only 10 slots available. This is to ensure that ample time and attention can be given to help each participant hone their self-practice intuition and inspiration.

What to expect in the a 3-hour class:

  • 1+ hour of Sequencing Strategising (lecture style)

  • 1+ hour of Guided Self-practice

  • 30 mins of sharing

IMPORTANT: This is not a regular asana-based class (it’s not like a regular class). There will be no teaching of poses.

10 Saturdays with one break in the middle:

25 May | 1 June | 8 June | 15 June | 29 June (Break) | 6 July | 13 July | 20 July | 27 July | 3 August | 17 Aug


Ways to invest in your self-practice:

1/ $30 per class ($30 x 10 classes = $300)

2/ Ignite Series (10 class package at $250)

3/ 1-class deduction from active package

Email hello@freedomyoga.sg to book your spot!